Leroy Sibbles performs during a tribute to Stanley Beckford

Public donations for Stanley Beckford

Leroy Sibbles performs during a tribute to Stanley Beckford held at Ranny Williams Centre on January 28. – file

Following the concert held in his name on Sunday, well-wishers of singer Stanley Beckford are urging the public to make a contribution to financing his health care. Beckford is being treated for cancer of the throat.

“Stanley Beckford is one of the persons who has blessed us over the years. I am so happy to be a part of this effort,” Jerry D said at the concert. “Stanley was a man who give us joke all the while, whether him a perform a France or Spanish Town”.

Leroy Sibbles said “this is a special case. The man is seriously ill. I personally waan go inna me pocket an put $5,000 in the box for the man”. The money was later presented on stage and duly deposited.

The public has three options to donate, two of which are via cellular phone. You can call 444-4226 to put $20 in the fund or 444-4260 to contribute $65. There is also an account set up at the Bank of Nova Scotia for the cause. The account number is 8021-87.

Stanley Beckford during a round of cancer treatment. – ian allen photo

SOURCE: http://jamaica-star.com/thestar/20070131/ent/ent2.html

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