Leroy Sibbles “Woman Needs Love” (Single) Now Available On Itunes, Spotify & All Digital Stores.

Leroy Sibbles has a remarkable 60+ year music career with many accolades! He received a Lifetime Achievement award from the University of Minnesota, Living Legend Award at Original Dancehall Thursday weekly series in 2023 & inducted in Jamaica Music Hall of Fame & Museum in February for his indelible contribution to reggae music. He still enjoys performing and producing music on his indie label “Bright Beam Music” with live instruments and his signature hit basslines which earned him the moniker “King Of The Reggae Basslines”. Checkout his new song “Woman Needs Love” on all digital stores now!

Leroy Sibbles “Woman Needs Love” (Single) was released March 5, 2024 and Now Available On Itunes, Spotify & All Digital Stores.

Artist: Leroy Sibbles
Song: “Woman Needs Love”
Genres: Reggae
Producer: Leroy “King Of The Reggae Basslines” Sibbles
Record Label: Bright Beam Music
Release Date: March 5, 2024
Duration: 3:58 minutes
Stream at: Itunes / Amazon / SpotifyTidalYoutube

A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do) is a 1981 song recorded by American R&B vocalist and songwriter Ray Parker Jr., along with his group, Raydio. It reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 charts! Leroy Sibbles reggae version of “WOMAN NEEDS LOVE” transforms the original ballad to a uptempo song fused with nice harmonies, drum & basslines from the legendary Leroy Sibbles!
He says,
A woman needs love (just like you do, hoo)
Don’t kid yourself into thinkin’ that she don’t
She can fool around (just like you do, hoo)
Unless you give her all the lovin’ she wants
Don’t make the mistake of thinkin’ old fashioned (ooh-ooh)
Times have changed from yesterday
No longer will those old double standards (ooh-ooh)
Be accepted by the women of today
So when you think you’re foolin’ her
She just might be foolin’ you
Remember, if you can do it
She can too


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